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  • Spectrograph Solutions | Newtech

    Spectrograph Solutions Andor Kymera Spectrograph series ​ Andor Shamrock spectrograph series Andor Mechelle spectrograph ​ ​

  • Cameras for Life Science | Newtech

    Cameras for Life Science Andor EMCCD Cameras Andor sCMOS Cameras ​ Andor Multi-Wavelength Imaging Andor Super-Resolution Cameras ​ Andor Application Notes

  • Laser Beam Analysis | Newtech

    Laser Beam Analysis ​ Beam Profiling ​ M Squared - Beam Propagation Analysis Beam Analysis of High-Powered Lasers Beam Profiling Accessories ​ Laser Beam Profiler Finder & Laser Fluence calculator

  • Galvo Scanners | Newtech

    Galvo Scanners Galvo Scanners 2-Axis Scan Heads ​ 3-Axis Scan Heads Polygon Scanners Controllers & S/W Components & Specialty Galvo Mirrors

  • Application Notes | Newtech

    Application Notes Using a Compact Spectrometer to Detect Spectral Peaks in a Plasma System We evaluated several Ocean Optics spectrometers for detection of oxygen and carbon tetrafluoride in a plasma system, demonstrating how compact spectrometers can monitor emission peaks in plasmas used for deposition and etching... ​ Read more.. Meet our Spectroscopy Application Specialists In the field of spectroscopy, having the right expertise is crucial for making significant discoveries. At Andor we have recently added two Spectroscopy specialists to our team, joining Adam Wise. This move strengthens our dedication to advancing spectroscopy and supporting our customers effectively. Andrew and Folusho, welcome aboard! Your experience brings valuable insights for the future of spectroscopy.. Read more.. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) LiDAR is an active remote sensing technique that is similar to RADAR but, instead of using radio waves as a radiation source, it uses laser pulses. In this technique, a laser source emits pulses that are directed towards the target of interest, such as a terrain landscape. The pulses encounter the terrain and a portion of the laser energy is reflected back to a sensor located near the source.. Read more.. Advancing the frontiers of imaging for biosciences, environmental science, advanced materials research.. High impact scientific publications in a broad range of research areas Search our publications list below. Sort by application or technique to look for publications in your field of research.. Read more.. CONTACT US

  • Laser Safety products | Newtech

    Laser Safety products Laser Safety Eyewear Laser Safety Windows Large Area Laser Protection Medical Laser Protection UV Lab Safety Products Lab Safety Glasses - Catalog Lab Light Shields Lab Laser Safety Barrier ​ Safety Shutters

  • Diode Lasers | Newtech

    Diode Lasers Active devices, SE, Bars and Multi Bar Modules Fiber Coupled Modules Laser Diodes per Application ​ Automotive & LiDAR Solutions

  • Cameras for machine vision & Smart Solut | Newtech

    Cameras for machine vision & Smart Solutions Tatille Camera solution for ANPR, ITS, Videoanalytics & Machine Vision Applications NET Cameras for Medical & Machine Vision ​ ​ Chromasens Machine Vision Components ​ ​

  • Ultrafast Streak Cameras and time resolv | Newtech

    Ultrafast Streak Cameras and time-resolved spectroscopy Ultrafast Streak Cameras ​ ​ Ultrafast Time-Resolved Spectroscopy

  • Cameras for Spectroscopy | Newtech

    Cameras for Spectroscopy Andor Newton CCD and EMCCD Cameras Andor Intensified Cameras ​ ​ Andor iDus Spectroscopy Cameras ​ ​ Andor EMCCD Cameras ​ ​ Andor Spectroscopy Accessories ​ ​ Cameras for Machine Vision & Smart Solutions

  • Arc & Flash lamps | Newtech

    Arc & Flash lamps Continuous Wave CW Lamps ​ Flash Lamps ​ Xenon Flash Systems ​ Trigger Transformers ​ Humm3TM - Intelligent Heat for Automated Fibre Placement (AFP)

  • Vacuum, Gas Analysis and Cryogenic | Newtech

    Vacuum & Gas Analysis and Cryogenic solutions Baratron® Capacitance Manometers Granville-Phillips® Vacuum Gauges ​ Mass Flow Controllers & Meters ​ Pressure Controllers & Valves ​ Heater Jackets & Process Traps ​ Vacuum Flanges & Fittings ​ Optical Gas Analyzers & Mass Spectrometers RF & Microwave Generators ​ ​ Plasma & Reactive Gas ​ ​ Process Automation Controllers ​ ​ Stages, Mounts & Actuators for Vacuum ​ All MKS products ​ ​ Cryogenic Systems

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