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OEM Solutions

Our dedicated and highly educated staff will accompany you all the way throughout the project, starting from the very early stages of your project (proof-of-concept, prototyping) through design reviews , engineering and production.

Though it is a great advantage using standard products (short lead time, low cost, high reliability), We understand that even with more than 15,000 standard products that can be found in our suppliers' catalogs and websites, we may not have the exact product that fits to your system , and if not we will work with our supplier to modify standard products to 100% fit your application.

Our years of experience and wide portfolio of products, together with the close working relations we establish with the R&D teams of both our suppliers and customers, assure you that you are going to get the utmost support for your project.

In addition to our extensive catalog product portfolio, we offer custom product design and manufacturing capabilities, including designing custom products and assemblies.

We supply a wide variety of components and systems for both commercial and research applications in the fields of:

Semi conductors * Flat Panel Display * PCB * Medical * Bio Medical * Military, Aerospace and Defense * Laser marking * Telecommunication  * Fiber Optics

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