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  • Media | Newtech

    Media Andor Technology YouTube Channel Ocean Optics YouTube Channel FormFactor YouTube Channel Chromasens GmbH YouTube Channel Edinburgh Instruments YouTube Channel Ophir Photonics YouTube Channel Newport Corporation YouTube Channel Bruker Corporation YouTube Channel Spectra Physics YouTube Channel Focuslight YouTube Channel G&H YouTube Channel Heraeus YouTube Channel Laservision YouTube Channel MKS Instruments YouTube Channel Opotek YouTube Channel Synrad YouTube Channel Vincent Associates YouTube Channel Ushio YouTube Channel Novanta YouTube Channel

  • Home | Newtech

    Product Categories Optics Lasers LED & Lamps Light sources Motion & Alignment OptoMechanics Components Optical Tables & Isolation Systems Vacuum & Gas Analysis and Cryogenic solutions Laser Beam steering, Galvo Scanners, AOM/AOD Fiber Optics Laser Accessories Surface and Dimensional Analysis Tools & Metrology Fluorescence Microscopes Cameras, Detectors and Spectroscopy Instruments Molecular Spectroscopy Anchor 1 About Us New Technology S.K. Ltd. is a high end representative company of leading worldwide suppliers, providing sales and after sales technical service and support for the lasers and Electro Optics industry and research centers. Learn More OEM Solutions New Technology is well known in the Israeli market as an OEM oriented representative company. A custom product is needed? A next generation design in being discussed? If your product has anything to do with lasers, optics , electro optics , optomechnaics etc.. , we are the partner you are looking for. Learn More Contact

  • Galvo Scanners | Newtech

    Galvo Scanners Galvo Scanners 2-Axis Scan Heads ​ 3-Axis Scan Heads Polygon Scanners Controllers & S/W Components & Specialty Galvo Mirrors

  • Catalog Optics | Newtech

    Catalog Optics Newport Optics Webpage Mirrors Lenses Beamsplitters Polarization Optics Prisms Lab Tools Filters Gratings Optical Windows Pick-up Tool for Optics

  • Fiber optics spectrometers | Newtech

    Fiber optics spectrometers Ocean Insight Spectroscopy Ocean Insight Spectrometers Ocean Insight Light Sources

  • Manual positioning | Newtech

    Manual positioning Manual Linear Stages Manual Vertical Stages Manual Rotation Stages Rotation Mounts Tip/Tilt Platform Goniometric Rotation Stages Fiber Alignment Stages Adjustment Screws Micrometer Heads

  • About us | Newtech

    About us New Technology S.K. Ltd. is a high end representative company of leading worldwide suppliers, providing Sales and after sales technical service and support for the lasers and Electro optics industry and research centers. ​ New Technology S.K. Ltd (Known as Newtech) has a wide offering of products, including a variety of lasers, laser diodes, light sources, motion control systems, vibration isolation tables and systems, photo detectors, optical and opto-mechanical components, Electro Optics instrumentation, optical and opto-mechanical sub assemblies, high-sensitive cameras (CCD + CMOS ), Optical fibers and fiber lasers, AFM nanolithography systems, power supplies for lasers and light sources, accusto-optical modulators, Galvo scanner and components for optical communications. ​ In addition, we supply instruments, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, control, power, monitor and analyze critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes. Our products include the Baratron® capacitance manometers, vacuum gauges, mass flow controllers (gases), optical gas analysers, mass spectrometers (RGAs), vacuum components, pressure control and vacuum valves, plasma & reactive gas, microwave generators, automation and control solutions and more. ​ Our mission is to maintain our high reputation as a professional, customer oriented representative company, in our support to the growing respective Israeli industrial and scientific market and become our suppliers' finest ambassador at customer sites and vice versa. CONTACT US

  • LED & Lamps Light sources | Newtech

    LED & Lamps Light sources Arc & Flash Lamps LED Modules & Projectors ​ Solar Simulators ​ Arc Lamp Light Sources ​ QTH Light Sources Tunable Light Sources Infrared Light Sources Fiber Optic Illuminators Calibration Light Sources Light Source Components Light Source Accessories

  • Motorized positioning | Newtech

    Motorized positioning Motorized Linear Stages Motorized Vertical Stages Motorized Rotation Stages Motorized Rotation Mounts Motorized Goniometers ​ Motorized Actuators Motorized Gimbals ​ Piezo stages & Nano-Positioners ​ Piezo Linear Actuators Industrial Motion Custom Systems

  • News | Newtech

    News Coming soon... CONTACT US

  • Cameras for Astronomy | Newtech

    Cameras for Astronomy Andor large sCMOS camera Andor Large CCD Cameras Andor EMCCD Cameras

  • Beam steering, Galvo Scanners, AOM&AOD | Newtech

    Laser Beam steering, Galvo Scanners , AOM/AOD Acousto Optics Devices ​ Electro Optic Q. Switches ​ Galvo Scanners FSM - Fast Steering Mirror ​ Laser Beam Stabilizer ​ Optical Shutters ​ ​

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