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  • Molecular Spectroscopy | Newtech

    Molecular Spectroscopy Edinburgh Fluorescence Spectrometers Edinburgh Raman Microscopes Edinburgh UV-Vis Spectrophotometers Edinburgh Transient Absorption Edinburgh Lasers and LEDs for spectroscopy Edinburgh Instruments Application notes PSC (Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp) Sub-micron IR spectroscopy Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp (PSC) Simultaneous sub-micron IR and Raman spectroscopy Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp (PSC). <500nm IR with simultaneous Raman and co-located fluorescence

  • Pulsed Lasers | Newtech

    Pulsed Lasers Q-Switched DPSS Lasers Fiber Lasers Injection Seeder Nanosecond Lasers Nanosecond OPO PIV dual oscillator/single head Nanosecond Flash Lamp\Diode pumped Lasers Nanosecond Lasers for Medical Pockels Cells ​

  • Automotive & LIDAR solutions | Newtech

    Automotive & LIDAR solutions Automotive LiDAR Driver Monitoring System

  • Dye and Ring Lasers | Newtech

    Dye and Ring Lasers ​ Dye & Ti:Sa High-Energy Pulsed Lasers ​ Tunable CW Single-Mode Lasers ​ ​ High-Repetition-Rate Pulsed Lasers ​ Dye Laser Pump Sources ​ ​

  • Beam steering, Galvo Scanners, AOM&AOD | Newtech

    Laser Beam steering, Galvo Scanners , AOM/AOD Acousto Optics Devices ​ Electro Optic Q. Switches ​ Galvo Scanners FSM - Fast Steering Mirror ​ Laser Beam Stabilizer ​ Optical Shutters ​ ​

  • Catalog Optics | Newtech

    Catalog Optics Newport Optics Webpage Mirrors Lenses Beamsplitters Polarization Optics Prisms Lab Tools Filters Gratings Optical Windows Pick-up Tool for Optics

  • Fiber optics spectrometers | Newtech

    Fiber optics spectrometers Ocean Insight Spectroscopy Ocean Insight Spectrometers Ocean Insight Light Sources

  • Fluorescence Microscopes | Newtech

    Fluorescence Microscopes ​ Multiphoton Imaging Systems ​ ​ Luxendo Light-Sheet Microscope Systems Bruker Opterra Confocal Microscope Vutara Super-Resolution Microscope ​ Vibration Isolation Platforms

  • Cameras, Detectors and Spectroscopy | Newtech

    Cameras, Detectors and Spectroscopy Instruments ​ Cameras for Life Science ​ Cameras for Physical Science ​ Cameras for Astronomy ​ Spectrograph Solutions ​ ​ Cameras for Spectroscopy ​ ​ Cameras for Machine Vision & Smart Solutions ​ Photo Detectors ​ Ocean Insight Fiber Spectrometers & Accessories Ultrafast Streak Cameras and Time Resolved Spectroscopy Monochromators & Lab Spectroscopy Instruments

  • PIV dual oscillator/single head | Newtech

    PIV dual oscillator/single head Surelite PIV Minilite PIV Mesa PIV Terra PIV

  • Laser Diodes per Application | Newtech

    Laser Diodes per Application Advanced Manufacturing Medical & Health Automotive Scientific Research Consumer Electronics

  • Laser Accessories | Newtech

    Laser Accessories OEM Lasers Power Supplies ​ Laser Beam Analysis Laser Safety Products Optical Power Meters Optical Sensors Optical Recievers Beam Viewer & IR/UV Sensor Cards Laser Diode Drivers and Temperature Controllers Laser Diode Mounts Optical Shutters ​

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