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  • Beam Shaping Solutions | Newtech

    Beam Shaping Solutions Slow Axis Collimators (SAC) and Arrays Beam Transformation Systems Wide Angle Diffusers ​ Homogenizers ​ ​ ​

  • LED & Lamps Light sources | Newtech

    LED & Lamps Light sources Arc & Flash Lamps LED Modules & Projectors ​ Solar Simulators ​ Arc Lamp Light Sources ​ QTH Light Sources Tunable Light Sources Infrared Light Sources Fiber Optic Illuminators Calibration Light Sources Light Source Components Light Source Accessories

  • Optical Mounts | Newtech

    Optical Mounts Optical Component Mounts ​ Mirror Mounts Lens Mounts ​ Optics Rotation Mounts Motorized Rotation Mounts Prizm/Cube Mounts Filter Mounts Cylindrical Device Mounts Diffraction Grating Mounts Flip Mounts Custom Mounts, DUV, CLEANROOM

  • Fiber Optics | Newtech

    Fiber Optics Photonics Crystal Fibers and Modules Fiber Optics Components Fiber Coupled Modulators ​ ​ Fiber Optics Spectrometers ​ Catalog Optical Fibers ​ ​ Multimode Fiber Bundles & Light Guides Fiber-Optic Polarization Components ​ Catalog Fiber Optic Components ​ ​ ​ Fiber Optics Lab Equipment & Tools Fiber Alignment Stages

  • Optomechanics Components | Newtech

    Optomechanics Components Optical Mounts Optical Posts & Rods Bases & Brackets Breadboards Optical Rails Beam Routing Lab Tools ​

  • Surface, Dimensional Analysis & Metrolog | Newtech

    Surface and Dimensional Analysis Tools & Metrology Equipment Atomic Force Microscopes ​ ​ 3D Optical Profilometers ​ Stylus Profilers ​ Hysitron Nanomechanical Test Instruments Bruker Tribometers and Mechanical Testers Anasys nanoIR AFM, Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy Optical Tweezers & Optical Trapping Lens Integrated Measuring System ​ ​ Lens & Camera Test Equipment

  • Questionnaire | Newtech

    Optics Questionnaire OPTIC AND CUSTOMER QUESTIONNAIRE Submit Answers Thanks for submitting!

  • Motorized positioning | Newtech

    Motorized positioning Motorized Linear Stages Motorized Vertical Stages Motorized Rotation Stages Motorized Rotation Mounts Motorized Goniometers ​ Motorized Actuators Motorized Gimbals ​ Piezo stages & Nano-Positioners ​ Piezo Linear Actuators Industrial Motion Custom Systems

  • Cameras for Physical Science | Newtech

    Cameras for Physical Science ​ Andor Intensified Cameras Andor Cameras for Spectroscopy Andor Cameras for X-Ray Soft X-Ray High-Speed Detectors Andor Large CCD Cameras

  • Continuous-wave (CW) Lasers | Newtech

    Continuous-wave (CW) Lasers CW Lasers ​ Quasi CW Lasers Tunable CW Lasers HeNe Lasers CW Wavelength Extenders ​

  • OEM Solutions | Newtech

    OEM Solutions Our dedicated and highly educated staff will accompany you all the way throughout the project, starting from the very early stages of your project (proof-of-concept, prototyping) through design reviews , engineering and production. ​ Though it is a great advantage using standard products (short lead time, low cost, high reliability), We understand that even with more than 15,000 standard products that can be found in our suppliers' catalogs and websites, we may not have the exact product that fits to your system , and if not we will work with our supplier to modify standard products to 100% fit your application. ​ Our years of experience and wide portfolio of products, together with the close working relations we establish with the R&D teams of both our suppliers and customers, assure you that you are going to get the utmost support for your project. ​ In addition to our extensive catalog product portfolio, we offer custom product design and manufacturing capabilities, including designing custom products and assemblies. We supply a wide variety of components and systems for both commercial and research applications in the fields of: Semi conductors * Flat Panel Display * PCB * Medical * Bio Medical * Military, Aerospace and Defense * Laser marking * Telecommunication * Fiber Optics ABOUT US

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