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New Technology is well known in the Israeli market as an OEM oriented representative company. 

A custom product is needed? A next generation design in being discussed?

If your product has anything to do with lasers, optics , electro optics , optomechnaics  etc.. , we are the partner you are looking for. Our dedicated and highly educated staff will accompany you all the way throughout the project, starting from the very early stages of your project (proof-of-concept, prototyping) through design reviews , engineering and production.

Though it is a great advantage using standard products (short lead time, low cost, high reliability), We understand that even with more than 15,000 standard products that can be found in our suppliers' catalogs and websites, we may not have the exact product that fits to your system , and if not we will work with our supplier to modify standard products to 100% fit your application.

Our years of experience and wide portfolio of products, together with the close working relations we establish with the R&D teams of both our suppliers and customers, assure you that you are going to get the utmost support for your project.

In addition to our extensive catalog product portfolio, we offer custom product design and manufacturing capabilities, including designing custom products and assemblies.

We supply a wide variety of components and systems for both commercial and research applications in the fields of:

Semi conductors * Flat Panel Display * PCB * Medical * Bio Medical * Military, Aerospace and Defense * Laser marking * Telecommunication  * Fiber Optics


OEM Solutions by II-VI Incorporated - From amber-colored lenses that focus intense laser light, to high power electrical and microwave components, II-VI Incorporated and its divisions and subsidiaries utilize expertise in synthetic crystal materials growth, optics fabrication, electronics component manufacture, and more to create high-tech products for a wide range of applications and industries.


OEM Solutions by VLOC – subsidiary of II-VI incorporated - VLOC is a world leader in the growth, manufacture and supply of a wide range of crystals and optical components used in laser and telecommunication systems. VLOC has over 30 scientists, engineers and senior manufacturing specialists ready to work with customers to develop new products and solve manufacturing design issues.  VLOC is a key government contractor on several R&D projects for developing and improving new laser crystals, devices and processes. The VLOC network includes offshore manufacturing capabilities, a worldwide marketing presence and various collaborations with technical institutions.

OEM Solutions by Marlow Industries, a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated - The world leader in quality thermoelectric technology. Marlow Industries develops and manufactures thermoelectric modules and value-added systems for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation and telecommunications markets. Marlow prides itself on providing standard or custom modules and sub-assemblies to meet our customers’ requirements.

Marlow Industries configure their thermoelectric solutions to meet customer’s requirements and optimize the performance of their applications. Market focused business teams act as an extension of your business providing industry expertise and feedback to successfully deploy thermoelectric technology within an application. With theirr full range of products and services, Marlow can offer the optimum solution to meet the quality, cost and delivery needs of the customer.


OEM Solutions by II-VI Laser Enterprise, a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated - II-VI Laser Enterprise GmbH is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-power semiconductor laser components enabling fiber and direct diode laser systems for material processing, medical, consumer and printing applications. In addition, II-VI Laser Enterprise manufactures pump lasers for optical amplifiers for both terrestrial and submarine applications and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) for optical navigation, optical interconnects and optical sensing applications.

OEM Solutions by Andor Technology- With years of academic and industrial experience, Andor's OEM experts specialize in the creation of complete system solutions, from tailored collection optics and spectrographs to software that gives you the levels of control and functionality you require - whether you are creating a brand new analytical device, or incorporating new functionality into an existing configuration.


OEM Solutions by Spectra Physics Lasers - For nearly 50 years, Spectra-Physics® has been an industry-leading global supplier of advanced laser solutions to the microelectronics, solar, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, and life and health sciences markets. Their portfolio of high performance, high reliability products includes a wide range of ultrafast, Q-switched DPSS, CW and quasi-CW, high-energy pulsed, tunable, gas, and fiber-based lasers.

Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of DPSS Q-switched lasers. Our lasers deliver superior reliability and are proven in demanding 24/7 industrial applications. With one of the broadest portfolios of Q-switched lasers in the industry and a deep applications expertise, we can help you find the right laser solution for your industrial applications.

Custom & OEM Solutions by OSI optoelectronics -   By leveraging their core expertise in optoelectronics technology and global manufacturing presence, OSI Optoelectronics leads the industry in providing the best, most advanced and economical solutions.

In addition to their extensive assortment of standard products, OSI Optoelectronics has been developing and manufacturing OEM and custom solutions for leading technologies and industries for a wide variety of demanding applications for over 40 years. OSI have been qualified in many aerospace, medical, communication and automotive companies.


OEM Solutions by Gooch & Housego  G&H’s expertise serves a number of industrial markets including:  Industrial Lasers for materials processing applications; Telecommunications specifically for high reliability and high performance applications; Metrology for laser-based, high-precision, non-contact measurement systems and display testing, Sensing for a wide variety of applications, Semiconductor for lithography and test and measurement applications

OEM Solutions by Cambridge Technology, Inc. - A supplier and developer of instrumentation products in the field of biomedical research. Cambridge Technology, Inc. set their standards on technology innovation, high quality manufacturing and customer commitment. In striving to bring the highest levels of precision and accuracy to our products, they laid the foundation for the closed loop galvanometer technology that is now their exclusive product focus.


Innovations in Optics Inc - Custom LED modules

Nufern - Custom Fibers

New Focus - Custom OEM solutions:

Oriel Instruments -  OEM Light Sources and Monochromators:

 Newport OEM capabilities:


OEM Solutions by Heraeus Noblelight - is one of the technology and market leaders in the production of specialty light sources. The organization develops, manufactures and markets infrared and ultraviolet emitters for applications in industrial manufacture, environmental protection, medicine and cosmetics, research, development and analytical laboratories. 


OEM Solutions by Kaiser Systems - Designs and manufactures high voltage power products for OEMs.  Kaiser Systems specialize in capacitor chargers for laser and pulsed power applications, X-ray generators for medical and industrial applications, electron beam power supplies, and HVDC & pulsed power systems. Let us review your requirements and advise on creating a solution for your high voltage needs.


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Gooch and Housego News

  Gooch & Housego cover a range of topics and markets – biomedical imaging, fiber coupled devices for biodmedical imaging applications, AOTFs in space and superpolished reflective optics in helioseismology.   ACOUSTO-OPTIC (AO) TECHNOLOGY ENABLES THE...

Innovations in Optics News

Featured Product:  LumiBright™ UV LE Light Engines Key Attributes: High power emission Die wavelengths from 365 nm to 405 nm Energy efficient, long-life, and mercury-free Instant-on, no ozone, no infrared Can be light guide or fiber coupled...

New form Newport Corporation

The World's Premier Source of Photonics Technology     New - Forkless Optical Pedestals and Posts Forkless optical mounting posts and pedestals have a unique internal slotted base allowing them to be directly mounted to optical tables or breadboards...

New from Bruker

Bruker announces the new Hysitron TS 77 Select automated benchtop nanomechanical and nanotribological test system, which provides the highest level of performance, functionality, and accessibility of any instrument in its class. Read...

New from Laser Vision

LookCOOL Stay Laser Safe with the New Ice Frame  from Laservision   Here is something new to look at. Ice eyewear is designed to protect your eyes and make you look cool with a clean white design.  Ice eyewear was created for you whether if you are...

New from Ocean Optics

  NEW! OCEAN HDX Spectrometers Ocean HDX High Definition, high throughput, low stray spectrometer The Ocean HDX includes Back-thinned CCD for high sensitivity, high definition optics that have large bench optical performance in a small bench.  It has...


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