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Gooch & Housego cover a range of topics and markets – biomedical imaging, fiber coupled devices for biodmedical imaging applications, AOTFs in space and superpolished reflective optics in helioseismology.








G&H 2016 Catalog  online - Click Here To Download 

G&H wins IOP Innovation Award with Fiber Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulator

Game changing fiber coupled fiber laser acousto-optic modulator recognized by Innovation Award from Institute of Physics.Fiber-Q’s are manufactured for lasers with wavelengths from 400nm – 2000nm and are suitable for a range of applications including LIDAR, materials processing, medical laser systems, microscopy and security sensing 

AOTFs in Asteroid Exploration

Acousto-optic technology is at the heart of MicroOmega, an infrared spectrometer now on its way to the Apollo asteroid (162173) 1999 JU3 with the JAXA / ISA Haybusa2 project. The acousto-optic tuneable filter will enable successful spectral analysis of the asteroid's surface material.


PPLN for Second Harmonic Generation of Fiber Lasers

G&H's Systems Technology Group (STG) are developing fiber coupled periodically poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) modules for second harmonic generation (SHG) for exploitation of spectral regions currently inaccessible with other laser sources.


Q-Drive G&H's Electro-Optic Pockel Cell Driver

Gooch & Housego's Q-Drive spearheads their development effort to provide a family of Electro-Optical (EO) Pockels cell drivers engineered for performance and durability.

White LED-based Integrating Sphere Offers Superior Luminance Calibration of Imaging Sensors

G&H's prototype white LED-based luminance source offers true broadband output and thus increased flexibility for product testing and detector, imaging system and photometric instrument calibration.



BEACON – Photonics for Telecom Satellites

A promising solution currently being investigated by major satellite vendors worldwide is the introduction of photonics into new generation of flexible payloads. Read how G&H’s Systems Technology Group (STG) is driving innovation in this area.



AOTF's in Space 

G&H receives NASA Certificate of Appreciation for IRIS spectrograph reflective optics



Visible Wavelength fiber coupled acousto-optic modulator for biomedical applications


Miniature FPTF based spectral imaging camera

G&H  explore the potential for a miniature, Fabry Perot etalon based, spectral imaging system and demonstrate it applied directly to the front of a cell phone camera.




The Gooch & Housego EM750 represents a new generation of OEM narrow-linewidth lasers. It is based on the EM650 family of integrated DFB lasers known for their ultra-low noise, stability, and tunability. The new EM750 combines these traits with a mechanism that retains all the advantages of the EM650, but reduces the linewidth to a typical value of <10 kHz.




MINERVA - MId-to-NEaR infrared spectroscopy for improVed medical diAgnostics

MINERVA is a European Commission funded project that aims to develop photonic technology in the mid-IR to improve early cancer detection...Read More

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Gooch and Housego News

  Gooch & Housego cover a range of topics and markets – biomedical imaging, fiber coupled devices for biodmedical imaging applications, AOTFs in space and superpolished reflective optics in helioseismology.   ACOUSTO-OPTIC (AO) TECHNOLOGY ENABLES THE...

Innovations in Optics News

Featured Product:  LumiBright™ UV LE Light Engines Key Attributes: High power emission Die wavelengths from 365 nm to 405 nm Energy efficient, long-life, and mercury-free Instant-on, no ozone, no infrared Can be light guide or fiber coupled...

MKS Instruments Company Video 2020

MKS Instruments Company Video 2020 (including Newport & Spectra Physics)  

New from Bruker

Bruker announces the new Hysitron TS 77 Select automated benchtop nanomechanical and nanotribological test system, which provides the highest level of performance, functionality, and accessibility of any instrument in its class. Read...

New From Bruker Corporation

NanoElectrical Lab - Multidimensional nanoscale information at every pixel. The new NanoElectrical Lab™ is an expansion from conventional contact-based electrical modes to innovative capabilities. AcuityXR - Enhances Lateral Resolution of 3D Optical...

New from Cambridge Tech

New 24-Bit Scan Controller and User Interface - ScanMaster(TM) Controller & ScanMaster(TM) Software ScanMaster(TM) Controller and Software unleash full potential of Cambridge Technology's  best in class motor technology for the most demanding...


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