Ocean Optics pleased to announce:  The STS Developers Kit

The STS Developers Kit is the easiest way to develop and integrate spectral sensing into your application. 





Ocean Optics has recently released their new STSand now have configurations for UV, Visible and NIR.

Ocean Optics  extend a very special offer on the STS Microspectrometers



What's new?

*  Available in every wavelength range (also UV)

*  Improved sensitivity, including pixel binning

*  Stronger, direct attach SMA connector

*  Improved repeatability

*  Very short delivery time

*  Available in volume

For a limited time, we have a special offer for this spectrometer: 


*  Buy an STS spectrometer and receive a 10% discount

*  Buy 2 STS spectrometers and receive a 15% discount

*  Buy 3 STS spectrometers and receive a 25% discount


This offer ends March 21, 2014.



For a limited time, buy a spectrometer and receive up to a 20% discount on software, light sources and accessories to complete your system.

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New Products Brochure

Spectroscopy is a powerful technique. It is used to evaluate the quality of product as well as improve the quality of life. Right now, spectroscopy is more accessible and more powerful than ever before. We offer our knowledge, not just hardware, and service advantages like our three-year warranty and next-day shipping underscore our commitment.

So... What's in the New Products Brochure?

Aside from many new products to improve your spectroscopy lab and process flow, we've included:

Click on the link below to get your digital copy. Please contact us for more information, to get more details about an application in the brochure or for a quote on a new system.




We are excited to share that Ocean Optics has launched their next generation software – OceanView.

OceanView is a game changing combination of data manipulation and visualization functionality that deliver easy customizability in a user-friendly interface.

With unprecedented customization and measurement control, OceanView will unleash your spectroscopy measurements putting you in the driver’s seat. 

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You can also get it for 10 days free trial by Clicking Here