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OCEAN HDX Spectrometers

Ocean HDX High Definition, high throughput, low stray spectrometer

The Ocean HDX includes Back-thinned CCD for high sensitivity, high definition optics that have large bench optical performance in a small bench.  It has great resolution, awesome peak symmetry, low stray light, thermal stability, high throughput and sensitivity, Interchangeable slit with an option of SMA 905 or FC/PC connectors. It built in an X-Platform electronics that includes a variety of communication options, onboard memory and onboard processing.

Ocean HDX Above Web 480x480


2016 Ocean Optics trade show Science Video Preview:


Aquaponics systems combine fish farming with plant cultivation, requiring careful monitoring of system parameters. In this video, we discover how spectroscopy and chemical sensing techniques measure oxygen and pH levels, nutrient concentration and lighting output

Featured: Spectrometers: STS-VIS and Flame-S-UV-Vis; Spectral sensor: Spark; Chemical sensors: NeoFox-GT; Light sources: ecoVis ecoVis and DH-mini; Fibers and probes: RE-BIFBORO and Transmission Dip Proberansmission Dip Probe


In this video, we simulated an oil spill to demonstrate how oil exhibits LED-induced fluorescence characteristics that are easily measured using modular spectroscopy. Robust systems can be configured to monitor the land, air and sea continuously and remotely

Featured: Spectrometer: Flame-S-VIS-NIR; Light source: LLS series high-performance LEDs

"We are what we eat," as the adage goes. But how often do we consider where our food comes from and whether it's authentic or even safe? In this example, we discover how the Flame-NIR spectrometer measures reflectance to identify the variety and sweetness of apples.  

Featured: Spectrometers: Flame-S-VIS-NIR and Flame-NIR; Raman: IDRaman mini and SERS; Sampling accessories: Reflectance probe

Teaching labs require rugged, simple to use instruments that engage students and meet the challenges of rigorous budget requirements. Miniature modular spectrometers and accessories are readily accessible and offer tremendous flexibility at great value.

Featured: Spectrometers: STS-VISFlame; Spectral sensor: Spark; Light sources: ecoVis; Sampling accessories: Flame Integrated Sampling Systems

From protein fluorescence to DNA absorbance, modular spectroscopy offers a powerful analytical tool for life sciences applications. As this video demonstrates, a high-sensitivity spectrometer like the QE Pro is a great option to characterize protein folding.

Featured: Spectrometers: QE Pro; Light source: LLS series high-performance LEDs; Sampling accessories: CUV-QPOD Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holders


In this video, we examine how spectroscopy is used to detect specific polymers within a mixed stream of plastic materials, making it simpler and more efficient to sort the materials for recycling. Similar techniques can be applied for real-time quality control.

Featured: Spectrometers: Ventana 785 Raman and Flame-NIR; Light sources: HL-2000 and Laser 785

 See the full schedule of Ocean Optics trade shows and events.  



Ocean Optics pleased to announce:  The STS Developers Kit

The STS Developers Kit is the easiest way to develop and integrate spectral sensing into your application. 





Ocean Optics has recently released their new STSand now have configurations for UV, Visible and NIR.

Ocean Optics  extend a very special offer on the STS Microspectrometers



What's new?

*  Available in every wavelength range (also UV)

*  Improved sensitivity, including pixel binning

*  Stronger, direct attach SMA connector

*  Improved repeatability

*  Very short delivery time

*  Available in volume

For a limited time, we have a special offer for this spectrometer: 


*  Buy an STS spectrometer and receive a 10% discount

*  Buy 2 STS spectrometers and receive a 15% discount

*  Buy 3 STS spectrometers and receive a 25% discount


This offer ends March 21, 2014.



For a limited time, buy a spectrometer and receive up to a 20% discount on software, light sources and accessories to complete your system.

Contact us for more information


New Products Brochure

Spectroscopy is a powerful technique. It is used to evaluate the quality of product as well as improve the quality of life. Right now, spectroscopy is more accessible and more powerful than ever before. We offer our knowledge, not just hardware, and service advantages like our three-year warranty and next-day shipping underscore our commitment.

So... What's in the New Products Brochure?

  • New Handheld Raman System
  • OceanView Spectroscopy Software
  • EMBED and STS for product integration
  • Calibrated light sources and more!

Aside from many new products to improve your spectroscopy lab and process flow, we've included:

  • Application examples
  • Sample setups
  • Interactive links to videos and other resources

Click on the link below to get your digital copy. Please contact us for more information, to get more details about an application in the brochure or for a quote on a new system.




We are excited to share that Ocean Optics has launched their next generation software – OceanView.

OceanView is a game changing combination of data manipulation and visualization functionality that deliver easy customizability in a user-friendly interface.

With unprecedented customization and measurement control, OceanView will unleash your spectroscopy measurements putting you in the driver’s seat. 

Click Here for more Information

You can also get it for 10 days free trial by Clicking Here

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Gooch and Housego News

  Gooch & Housego cover a range of topics and markets – biomedical imaging, fiber coupled devices for biodmedical imaging applications, AOTFs in space and superpolished reflective optics in helioseismology.   ACOUSTO-OPTIC (AO) TECHNOLOGY ENABLES THE...

Innovations in Optics News

Featured Product:  LumiBright™ UV LE Light Engines Key Attributes: High power emission Die wavelengths from 365 nm to 405 nm Energy efficient, long-life, and mercury-free Instant-on, no ozone, no infrared Can be light guide or fiber coupled...

New form Newport Corporation

The World's Premier Source of Photonics Technology     New - Forkless Optical Pedestals and Posts Forkless optical mounting posts and pedestals have a unique internal slotted base allowing them to be directly mounted to optical tables or breadboards...

New from Bruker

Bruker announces the new Hysitron TS 77 Select automated benchtop nanomechanical and nanotribological test system, which provides the highest level of performance, functionality, and accessibility of any instrument in its class. Read...

New from Laser Vision

LookCOOL Stay Laser Safe with the New Ice Frame  from Laservision   Here is something new to look at. Ice eyewear is designed to protect your eyes and make you look cool with a clean white design.  Ice eyewear was created for you whether if you are...

New from Ocean Optics

  NEW! OCEAN HDX Spectrometers Ocean HDX High Definition, high throughput, low stray spectrometer The Ocean HDX includes Back-thinned CCD for high sensitivity, high definition optics that have large bench optical performance in a small bench.  It has...


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