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Featured Product:

 LumiBright™ UV LE Light Engines

Key Attributes:

  • High power emission
  • Die wavelengths from 365 nm to 405 nm
  • Energy efficient, long-life, and mercury-free
  • Instant-on, no ozone, no infrared
  • Can be light guide or fiber coupled

LumiBright UV LE Ultraviolet LED light engines are versatile and powerful solid-state sources offering superior performance for UV applications in life science, medical and industrial equipment.   

http://mebel.sozdaniesajtov.ru/character/onlyforyou-tumblr.html LumiBright UV LE Light Engines offer many significant advantages compared to traditional mercury arc UV lamps.

UV LEs are more energy efficient, smaller in size and operate with consistent emission for very long lifetimes for low maintenance. They are instant-on where mercury lamps need minutes to warm up. UV LEs are more environmentally friendly by being mercury-free, and they generate no ozone and emit no harmful "deep UV" radiation. They are a cool source compared to arc lamps, largely from having no infrared emission.  Reduced heat simplifies system cooling mechanisms and preserves materials under irradiation.

LumiBright UV LE Configurations

source Options for Aperture, Angle, Power and Wavelength

LumiBright UV LE light engines vary by the clear aperture dimension, the half-angle in the far field and the maximum number of die supported.

 Table 1 - Product Family


see url Model No.

купить Марка Буйнакск Aperture Dia. (mm)

see Half-Angle

enter site Max # Die


















With proper cooling, the 7-die light engine can produce over 10 Watts of radiant flux using our 395 nm bin, and the 14-die models can emit greater than 20 Watts.

 Table 2 - Available UV LED Wavelengths


Закладки шишки в Сергиеве Посаде Die Bin ID

click here Min. Wavelength

http://www.prostep.pl/tune/kupit-marki-slyudyanka.html (nm)

enter site Max. Wavelength (nm)














LumiBright UV LE light engines can be supplied featuring  a single LED die bin or as a multi-wavelength combination using up to 3 die bins.

http://dhklojistik.com/phone/narkotiki-moskva.html Lightguide and Fiber Coupling - 

For diameters from 1 mm to 8 mm

Table 1 lists two LumiBright UV LE models that can easily couple to liquid light guides and fiber bundles.  The apertures and half-angles of the 2400B-500 and 2400B-400 match the diameters and numerical aperture of typical light guides. No additional optics are necessary for coupling. The light guide ferrule can be butt-coupled to the aperture of the LumiBright UV LE.   

For single core fibers and bundles from 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm, the LumiBright FC Model 1700A-100 features a threaded SMA  905 fiber optic connector.

грамм кокаина в москве Thermal Management - For High Power Operation 

A LumiBright UV LE Light Engine must be mounted to a thermal management device to dissipate the heat generated by the LED array under high power drive conditions. Thermal pads, heat sinks, heat pipes, and cooling fans are available from Innovations in Optics.

Купить закладки наркотики в Йошкар-оле LumiBright UV LE Applications - Industrial, Life Science and Medical Equipment 

LumiBright UV LE Light Engines meet the most demanding requirements using state-of-the-art technology for many applications requiring UV irradiation.

LumiBright UV LE Light Engines can serve industrial OEM applications including:

  • UV curing systems
  • 3D printing
  • UV dye penetrant inspection
  • UV machine vision 
  • Phototherapy devices

LumiBright LE Light Engines are ideal for OEM life science and medical instrumentation such as:

  • Gel & blot imagers
  • Colony counters
  • Microplate readers
  • Fluorescence guided surgery
  • Phototherapy





купить LSD Нариманов  

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