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New Technology's suppliers are covering a wide range of applications such as:

Aerospace and Defense; Life and Health Science; Optical Communications; Industrial; Test and Measurements; Commercial & Consumer; X-Ray; Laser Material Processing

Biomedical Systems; Laser Projection; Imaging and Printing; Semiconductor Processing; Communications, medical, imaging, and semiconductor

DVD optical pickups, surveying instruments, instrumentation, semiconductor equipment, medical instruments, telecom optical systems

and More




Optics Application Portals


Terahertz Optics Selection GuideWorking at a frequency of 0.1 to 10 terahertz? Look here for information on optics used for terahertz spectroscopy, probing crystalline structures, and detecting explosives.

Ultrafast Optics Selection GuideFemtoseconds or Picoseconds pulses are common place for Ultrashort applications. Select the proper optics for your Ultrafast application.
HeNe Laser Optical EquipmentHeNe lasers are typically used for educational purposes or research applications where low power and stable, visible coherent light is needed.
Ultraviolet Optics Selection GuideWorking in EUV, DUV, VUV or UV? Check out our portal for UV optics, specifically highlighting Excimer laser wavelengths.



Laser Applications:

PCB Manufacturing - PCB Laser Processing

Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of lasers for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and microelectronics packaging. Spectra-Physics lasers are proven in a wide range of PCB applications including cutting, depaneling, via hole drilling, direct imaging, trimming, repair and marking. With thousands of lasers deployed in demanding PCB applications, Spectra-Physics delivers a broad portfolio of highly reliable, cost-effective lasers backed by our industry-leading global support organization. 

Flat Panel Displays - Lasers for Flat Panel Display Manufacturing

Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of lasers for the manufacture of flat panel displays (FPD) including OLED and LCD. Spectra-Physics lasers are proven in a wide range of FPD applications including glass cutting/drilling, ITO patterning, repair and marking. We deliver a broad portfolio of highly reliable, cost-effective lasers for 24/7 flat panel manufacturing backed by our industry-leading global support organization.

Semiconductor / LEDs - Lasers for Semiconductor and LED Processing

Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of lasers for the manufacture of semiconductors and LEDs. Spectra-Physics lasers are proven in a wide range of semiconductor and LED applications including LED scribing and lift-off, silicon scribing/dicing, wafer inspection, circuit trimming/repair and many other applications. With thousands of UV lasers deployed in demanding semiconductor and LED applications, Spectra-Physics delivers a broad portfolio of highly reliable, cost-effective lasers backed by our industry-leading global support organization. 

Solar / Photovoltaics Lasers for Solar / Photovoltaic (PV) Manufacturing

Spectra-Physics is a market leader in lasers for photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing. With thousands of lasers used in PV manufacturing, Spectra-Physics lasers deliver highest reliability and cost-effectiveness for demanding 24/7 operations. Our broad portfolio of lasers for PV is used in a variety of processes for crystalline, multi-crystalline and thin-film a-Si, CdTe and CIGS PV. Our lasers are backed by our team of applications engineers and a global support organization. 

MedicalLasers for Medical Applications

Spectra-Physics, together with its acquisition of High Q Lasers last year, is the #1 supplier of ultrafast femtosecond lasers for medical applications. With thousands of ultrafast lasers deployed in medical applications, Spectra-Physics is the proven source for high performance, cost-effective femtosecond lasers for laser eye surgery, precision laser surgery, medical device fabrication and other demanding applications. To ensure dependable operation for many years, Spectra-Physics design, manufacture and test their ultrafast lasers to their highest standards for quality and reliability. Spectra-Physics also manufacture a range high quality UV lasers for precision medical device manufacturing. 

Bio-Instrumentation - Lasers for Bio-instrumentation

Spectra-Physics is a market leader in lasers for bio-instrumentation including microscopy, flow cytometry, molecular diagnostics and other life science applications. For bio-imaging, with the recent introduction of the extraordinary InSight DeepSee ultrafast lasers, Spectra-Physics innovations again advance the state-of-the-art by taking multiphoton imaging to new depths. For molecular diagnostics, their new Excelsior One lasers combine electronics and laser head into a single, compact package with a common footprint across 11 different wavelengths including direct diode and DPSS. With thousands of lasers deployed in demanding bio-instrumentation applications, Spectra-Physics lasers are a proven, reliable solution. 




Spectra-Physics is a market leader in lasers for bio-imaging. With our recent introduction of the extraordinary InSight DeepSee ultrafast lasers, Spectra-Physics innovations again advance the state-of-the-art by taking multiphoton imaging to new depths. With thousands of lasers deployed in demanding bio-imaging applications, Spectra-Physics lasers are a proven, reliable solution.

Industrial ManufacturingLasers for Industrial Manufacturing

Spectra-Physics lasers are used a wide variety of industrial manufacturing applications, including stereolithography / rapid prototyping, laser shock processing, micromachining of various materials, and intra-glass and other precision marking. Spectra-Physics offer a broad portfolio of high performance, reliable lasers backed by our team of applications engineers and a responsive global support organization.

Scientific Research - Lasers for Scientific Research

Spectra-Physics is #1 in Ultrafast lasers and a market leader in lasers for scientific research applications. What does #1 mean? It means innovation, to deliver the broadest portfolio of cutting edge ultrafast lasers, to ensure the right solution for your unique requirements. It means expertise, from the widest scope of ultrafast applications and the largest installed base. It means direct access to the largest and most experienced global support team in the industry. Choosing the #1 in Ultrafast means confidence in making the right ultrafast decision.

Photodiode Applications Notes:

Photodiode Characteristics and Applications - A detailed discussion of silicon photodiodes construction, operation and characteristics.

Silicon Photodiodes - Physics and Technology - A detailed discussion of selection and general use of photodiodes in various applications including low noise, high speed applications. Some examples of electronics designs are discussed.

Optical Communication Photodiodes and Receivers - This application note helps to estimate optical front-end performance and to compare receivers’ parameters. In the real systems, Jitter, Intersymbol Interference and other phenomena can affect total system performance.

Silicon Photodiode Device with 100% External Quantum Efficiency - A discussion on the inversion layer type of silicon photodiode.

Photodiodes: Stability and Reliability

Quantum Efficiency Stability of Silicon Photodiodes - OSI's concern in this paper is with developing more satisfactory diodes for use as shelf standards, and the spectral region of interest to us are the UV and short-wavelength visible.

Neutron Hardness of Photodiodes for Use In Passive Rubidium Frequency Standard - The photodiode used for optical detection of the atomic resonance in a passive rubidium frequency standard (RFS) is a critical component that can limit the radiation hardness of the standard at high neutron-fluence levels.

The Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Silicon Photodiodes - In this paper the changes in the device parameters and characteristics of several types of photodiodes affter exposure to 1 MeV equivalent neutron having fluences in the range of 5x1011 to 1014 N/cm2 are reported.

Stable High Quantum Efficiency, UV-enhanced Silicon Photodiodes by Arsenic Diffusion - A new type of UV enhanced photodiode has been fabricated and tested. It was found to combine high UV quantun efficiency, linearity range and stability against exposure to intense UV irradiation.

Stability and Quantum Efficiency Performance of Silicon Photodiode Detectors in the far Ultraviolet - OSI report here the results of tests on the efficiency, stability, and spatial uniformity of a new class of Si photodiodes whose fabrication parameters have been optimized for the far ultraviolet and which appear attractive for radiometric applications.

Silicon Photodiodes with Stable, Near-theoretical Quantum Efficiency in the Soft X-ray Region - This paper describes the recently developed silicon photodiode detectors high quantum efficiency and stability in the vacuum UV and soft X-ray region.

Photodiodes: Position Sensing Detectors

Position Sensing Detectors and Photodiodes, General Discussion - Silicon photodetectors are commonly used for light power measurements in a wide range of applications such as bar-code readers, laser printers, medical imaging, spectroscopy and more. There is another function, however, which utilizes the photodetectors as optical position sensors. They, are widely referred to as Position Sensing Detectors or simply PSD’s. in one and two-dimensional configurations.

Using Photodetectors for Position Sensing - Electro-optical systems are increasingly used in position sensing and in dynamic measurements that require noncontact sensors with wide frequency bandwidth.

Lateral-Effect Photodiodes - Mechanical- Alignment applications of electro-optical instruments have expanded dramatically during the past three years in the construction, machine tool, aircraft and aerospace industries, increasing demands for new types of postition-sensing detectors.

Practical Electro-optics Deflection Measurements System - This paper describes an electro-optic displacement system which measures both angular and lateral displacements simultaneously.

Continuous position sensing series (LSC, SC) - These series are sensitive, linear, and fast siliconphotodetectors that provide two electrical output signals, specifying the X only position(LSC Series) or X and Y position (Dual Axis SC Series) of an input right spot signal that is relativeto fixed internal coordinates. 

Non-contact Optical Position Sensing using Silicon Photodetectors - The purpose of this paper is to examine the various types of silicon photodetectors, which may be used for position sensing. 

Real time Bio Mechanical Position Sensing Based on a Lateral Effect Photodiode - The photodiode is a 1cm x 1cm device that is capable of sensing light imaged on its surface. 

Quadrant and Bi-cell Silicon Photodiode Amplifier Module - OSI Optoelectronics "Laser-Effect" position sensors.

Photodiodes: Light Measurement 

Stability of Silicon Photodiodes for Laser Emission Measurements - Our objective here is to examine the suitability of silicon photodiodes as the transducer, and to discuss the calibration accuracy, reproducibility and stability that are likely to be achieved from a commercial company. 

Radiometric and Photometric Concepts Based on Measurement Techniques - Radiometric quantities will be discussed first followed by corresponding relationships and measurement units that have developed and are peculiar to photometry.

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Gooch and Housego News

  Gooch & Housego cover a range of topics and markets – biomedical imaging, fiber coupled devices for biodmedical imaging applications, AOTFs in space and superpolished reflective optics in helioseismology.   ACOUSTO-OPTIC (AO) TECHNOLOGY ENABLES THE...

Innovations in Optics News

Featured Product:  LumiBright™ UV LE Light Engines Key Attributes: High power emission Die wavelengths from 365 nm to 405 nm Energy efficient, long-life, and mercury-free Instant-on, no ozone, no infrared Can be light guide or fiber coupled...

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MKS Instruments Company Video 2020 (including Newport & Spectra Physics)  

New from Bruker

Bruker announces the new Hysitron TS 77 Select automated benchtop nanomechanical and nanotribological test system, which provides the highest level of performance, functionality, and accessibility of any instrument in its class. Read...

New From Bruker Corporation

NanoElectrical Lab - Multidimensional nanoscale information at every pixel. The new NanoElectrical Lab™ is an expansion from conventional contact-based electrical modes to innovative capabilities. AcuityXR - Enhances Lateral Resolution of 3D Optical...

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New 24-Bit Scan Controller and User Interface - ScanMaster(TM) Controller & ScanMaster(TM) Software ScanMaster(TM) Controller and Software unleash full potential of Cambridge Technology's  best in class motor technology for the most demanding...


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