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New Technology S.K. Ltd. - חברת ניו טכנולוגי ש.ק. בע"מ

New Technology S.K. Ltd.

is a high end representative company of leading worldwide suppliers, providing Sales and after sales technical service and support for the lasers and Electro optics industry and research centers. New Technology has a wide offering of products, including a variety of lasers, laser diodes, light sources, motion control systems, vibration isolation tables and systems, photo detectors, optical and opto-mechanical components and more.

חברת ניו טכנולוגי ש.ק. בע"מ

הינה חברת נציגויות מובילה בתחום האלקטרו אופטיקה והלייזרים , העוסקת במכירה, ייעוץ טכני ושירות למגוון רחב של לייזרים, דיודות לייזר ומקורות אור, מערכות הנעה, מגוון רחב של רכיבים אופטיים ואופטו-מכניים, מצלמות ברגישות גבוהה (CMOS + CCD), סיבים אופטיים, מערכות AFM למדידת פני שטח, ספקי כח לליזרים ולמקורות אור, מודולטורים אקוסטו-אופטיים, מנועי סריקה גלוונומטרים, תתי מכלולים אופטיים ואופטו מכניים , צב"ד ורכיבים לתקשורת אופטית.
בין ספקינו תוכלו למצוא את הספקים המובילים בעולם, כל אחד בתחומו.

Published Articles: 

1. Newport's Vibration Control חלוקת עומסים טובה על השולחן האופטי - ניופורט - Newport 

2. Oriel Instruments (Newport Brand) - Solar Standards Article

3. New Focus  (Newport Brand) - ECDL Laser Diodes

4. Ocean Optics -  Near-Infrared Diffuse Reflection Analysis of Fruit Using the Vivo Direct Illuminated Reflection Stage and NIRQuest256-2.5 Extended Range NIR Spectrometer 

5. Ocean Optics - Thermally Stabilizing Your Spectrometer with the USB-TC - USC-TC By Ocean Optics

6. Ocean Optics - Coated Printed Circuit Board Reflectance with the R400-7-VIS-NIR Reflection Probe - החזרת אור מציפוי של מעגל מודפס

7. Andor Technology -  sCMOS Technoloy - לצילום ללא פשרות

8. Spectra Physics - Ultrafast lasers: Ultrahigh peak power femtosecond lasers advance bioimaging

Newport Channel on  :

This link will take you to a list of Newport Video's on YouTube, Video's on motion Control, Vibration Control, Laser, product's installation guides and more.


 Video's from Bruker:

The ScanAsyst™ atomic force microscopy imaging mode is the world's first image-optimization scan mode for AFM microscopes. This patent-pending innovation utilizes intelligent algorithms to automatically and continuously monitor image quality, and to make the appropriate parameter adjustments. This frees researchers from the complex and tedious task of adjusting setpoints, feedback gains, and scan rates, making imaging as easy as simply selecting a scan area and scan size for almost any sample in either air or fluid.




Our Supplier's Channels on :



Andor Technology Channel

Bruker Channel

Ocean Optics Channel

Laser Vision Channel

Gooch and Housego Channel

Synrad Channel 




Newtech in the Media

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Gooch and Housego News

  Gooch & Housego cover a range of topics and markets – biomedical imaging, fiber coupled devices for biodmedical imaging applications, AOTFs in space and superpolished reflective optics in helioseismology.   ACOUSTO-OPTIC (AO) TECHNOLOGY ENABLES THE...

Innovations in Optics News

Featured Product:  LumiBright™ UV LE Light Engines Key Attributes: High power emission Die wavelengths from 365 nm to 405 nm Energy efficient, long-life, and mercury-free Instant-on, no ozone, no infrared Can be light guide or fiber coupled...

MKS Instruments Company Video 2020

MKS Instruments Company Video 2020 (including Newport & Spectra Physics)  

New from Bruker

Bruker announces the new Hysitron TS 77 Select automated benchtop nanomechanical and nanotribological test system, which provides the highest level of performance, functionality, and accessibility of any instrument in its class. Read...

New From Bruker Corporation

NanoElectrical Lab - Multidimensional nanoscale information at every pixel. The new NanoElectrical Lab™ is an expansion from conventional contact-based electrical modes to innovative capabilities. AcuityXR - Enhances Lateral Resolution of 3D Optical...

New from Cambridge Tech

New 24-Bit Scan Controller and User Interface - ScanMaster(TM) Controller & ScanMaster(TM) Software ScanMaster(TM) Controller and Software unleash full potential of Cambridge Technology's  best in class motor technology for the most demanding...


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Media & Articles

  • Newport's Vibration Control – חלוקת עומסים טובה על השולחן האופטי - ניופורט - Newport
  • Oriel Instruments (Newport Brand) - Solar Standards Article
  • New Focus (Newport Brand) - ECDL Laser Diodes

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